Pipe freezing & the property management sector

Stopping the supply of water, air conditioning or fire protection services to a building to conduct pipeline maintenance or pipe repairs is never the best solution. In almost all situations requiring pipeline maintenance we can avoid any system downtime by using our pipe freeze technique. This means that your building occupants won’t suffer interruption to their supplies and the building owner saves significant costs.

We regularly conduct pipe freezing in hospitals, hotels, large unit blocks, office buildings and other facilities that operate 24/7. In an emergency situation or planned maintenance of a property there can be numerous stakeholders that need to be notified of a system shutdown. Pipe freezing is a great alternative to shutting down a system and allows you to keep the peace with your stakeholders and property tenants. By engaging us to complete freeze plugging, you receive a hassle free, quick and cost-effective solution that in most situations does not require a system shutdown – it’s business as usual.

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