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Pipe freezing – the integral link in your pipeline maintenance chain

Why you should choose pipe freezing or hot tapping

  • Maximise your system uptime
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable
  • Hassle free

How pipe freezing works

When you have a project requiring works to a pipeline system, Pipefreezer provides a quick solution – in most cases, we can perform a pipe freeze without the system having to be shut down, thus maximising your plant’s uptime. We pipe freeze using liquid nitrogen, which enables the safe fluid isolation of almost any type of liquid in almost any size pipe. Using specialist equipment and techniques, a line stop is created in a timely and cost efficient manner via the formation of a solid ice, or cryogenic, freeze plug within the pipeline. Once formed, a freeze plug is highly reliable, can withstand very high pressures in excess of 2000 PSI and is able to be maintained for as long as required while the project is completed.  

We service all industries, including the HVAC, plumbing, engineering and fire services sectors, encompassing industrial, commercial and domestic situations that involve fluid isolation in pipes ranging from 15mm–600mm (external diameter) using pipe freezing, line stopping or hot tapping solutions.

Over 250,000 freezes
and counting


Same day 24 hour 7 days a week service in South Australia, Victoria, ACT and New South Wales

Pipe Freezing

A timely and cost-effective method of fluid isolation in a pipeline system to allow maintenance or modifications to be carried out. Pipe freezing is an environmentally friendly alternative to draining down a system and it’s much faster. An effective ‘cryo’ plug allows operations to continue with minimal disruptions.

Hot Tapping

A solution for isolating liquids at high temperatures and under pressure, the hot tapping process uses a valve fitting on the existing pipeline. For circumstances where pipe freezing isn’t suitable, hot tapping is another alternative to a costly drain down.

Leak Detection

Isolate the location of your leaking pipe using a freeze plug and line stop. Our pipe freezing technology means no matter how complicated your pipeline system is, our leak detection is fast, efficient and involves minimal fluid wastage.

Who we work with

Partnership sectors & how we can help you


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are all systems that Pipefreezer is well-versed in collaborating on repairs or upgrades. Chat to us today about how we can help you meet your project deadline.


Need assistance with an emergency plumbing job for a facility operating 24/7 Contact Pipefreezer to help get the job done – in most cases, using pipe freezing means there is no need to shut the system down.

Fire Services

Don’t risk exposing occupants to harm in the event of a fire and engage Pipefreezer to keep your system in operation at all times while you complete pipeline maintenance or pipe modifications.

Property Management

Pipe Freezer allowed you to continue business as usual by allowing everyone to use the building as normal with no headaches or occupant complaints – by using our pipe freezing technique. In most cases there will be no system downtime and your services remain in operation whilst conducting the work within normal business hours.

The pipe freezing difference

The Pipefreezer Group of companies is 100% Australian owned and operated with a combined experience of more than 50 years. We have successfully completed in excess of 250,000 pipe freezes in that time and our technicians have become the most experienced in the country.

  • Expert technical knowledge
  • Highly experienced
  • Flexible

Pipefreezer offers superior pipe freezing services throughout Australasia and together with our technology partner in Victoria we have your hot tapping requirements covered too!

Whether your fluid isolation project requires a pipe freeze or hot tap, whether you are in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or Christchurch, and whether your pipeline system is copper, steel, mild steel concrete lined, iron, stainless steel (or most other piping materials), pipe freezing or hot tapping with Pipefreezer is the best solution for carrying out your pipeline maintenance.

We’ve performed pipe freezing all over the country in multi-storey buildings in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, sewer systems in Port Pirie, South Australia, a five star hotel at Uluru and in remote mining operations in Central Australia. Our group of highly trained professionals is capable of exceeding your fluid isolation and large pipeline project expectations – no matter where you’re located in Australasia.