Hot Tapping

Hot tapping, or pressure tapping, is the method of making a connection to an existing pipeline without the interrupting or emptying of that section of pipe. This means that a pipeline can continue to be in operation whilst modifications are being done to it. Hot Tapping can be completed on a variety of liquids including chilled, heating and condenser water as well as waste and potable water systems.

Hot Tapping Procedures Include:


  1. Bolt on a hot tap saddle, or welded stub, valve installed, tool assembly is pressure tested once hot tap machine attached.
  2. Valve opened, hot tap completed, coupon or cut portion retained by latches on pilot drill. Pressure is contained within the hot tapping machine.
  3. Cutter and coupon retracted, and valve closed. Fluid is drained and hot tapping machine is removed. The tapped valve is now ready for the contractor’s tie-in.¬†