We understand how important the environment is and the value in maintaining or improving energy efficiency ratings in a property or business. That’s why we take pride in the environmental benefits of our pipe freezing technology.

We undertake our pipe freezing technique using liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen is a non-toxic, inert gas that makes up almost 80% of the air we breathe, so it is not harmful to people or the environment. Using correct delivery and handling procedures, liquid nitrogen is highly effective and safe to use.

The pipe freezing processes offer incredible energy savings by avoiding the draining down of a system. It is environmentally friendly because there is minimal fluid wastage and no need to refill, reheat or re-cool the contents of the system. Our pipe freezing methods also mean there is no use of chemicals to create the freeze plug therefore no harmful chemicals are being dumped at the completion of the process.

Safety Policy

Safety is our no. 1 priority

Pipefreezer is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees and clients. Since commencing our operations Pipefreezer Group have performed in excess of 250,000 pipe freezes and during that time we have maintained a perfect safety record. We aim to finish each working day injury free and so all Pipefreezer employees are white card trained and certified to conduct work on construction sites nationally. The operations of our organisation are designed to ensure our clients and the local community are never put at risk of injury, illness or property damage.

Pipefreezer’s safety commitments

  • Prevent any work related injury or illness
  • Establish measurable work health and safety objectives and targets to ensure our safety performance is maintained
  • Comply with all relevant work health and safety legislation and other legal obligations
  • Provide adequate training, instruction and supervision to our employees to ensure safe work practices
  • Ensure our plant locations and the substances held within are maintained in a safe condition
  • Provide adequate facilities for the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees
  • Promote work health and safety awareness throughout the company and make it an integral part of the way we do business
  • Be attentive to our employees’ needs and keep them well informed at all times


Pipefreezer’s environmental commitment

We are committed to upholding the key principles of sustainability throughout all our processes. We recognise our moral and legal responsibility to ensure that our activities, products and services be designed to sustain and care for the environment in the communities in which we operate. We promise to ensure that our operations do not place our clients, the local community or environment at risk of harm.

We are committed to environmental improvement and the prevention of pollution

We will work with our customers, suppliers and the community to adopt procedures that

  • reduce waste through innovative work practices and recycling practices
  • minimise environmental impacts by reduction of polluting substances produced
  • minimise the impact of our operations on the neighbouring community
  • increase the use of environmentally acceptable materials, equipment and technology in place of those which are considered harmful
  • ensure that our suppliers follow acceptable environmental policies
  • actively promote environmental awareness among staff, clients, customers and the general public.