Pipe freezing & the plumbing industry

Pipe freezing and the plumbing sector are strongly intertwined – when your job is to keep the fluid flowing with minimal disruption, we help you do exactly that.

If you need temporary pipe isolation because your valve has failed or you can’t locate one close to your work area, then pipe freezing is the solution for you. If you want a more permanent solution and want to complete a valve replacement, we will complete a pipe freeze in two locations so you can cut in the middle with minimum fluid wastage and insert your new valve.


The situation

A major hospital extension required the new section to ‘tie-in’ to the existing infrastructure. This required a cut in and ‘T’ off to be inserted in the main line.

The problem

The works had to be completed in a tight, designated time frame so the hospital could be back on line for normal operation in the morning.

Same day 24 hour service, 7 days a week

  • Adelaide – South Australia
  • Melbourne – Victoria
  • Sydney – New South Wales
  • Christchurch – New Zealand

Our collaborative pipe freeze solution

Using our pipe freezing process we were able to guarantee the project time and ensure there was no impact to the hospital when normal operation commenced at 5 am the following morning.