Pipe freezing & the HVAC sector

Pipe freezing within the HVAC sector (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is a partnership that makes sense.


Whether it’s a simple valve replacement or updating a whole plant room, isolating a pipeline through pipe freezing is a cost effective and quick option. If you are managing multi-storey buildings that have multiple chillers, we can isolate one chiller at a time so any required works can be done – while the other chillers are still running. This results in no system downtime and no impact on the tenants. Work can also usually be done within normal business hours, which further reduces the cost to your client if the alternative is an after hour system drain down.


The situation

A HVAC client needed to change out four valves in preparation for chiller replacements. It was a multi-storey building that housed communication rooms on multiple levels.

The problem

The heat load that these mainframes put out meant that shutting the air-conditioning down was not practicable and the communication rooms would likely overheat and shutdown during the process.

Our collaborative pipe freeze solution

Together with the HVAC client we established a strategy to isolate each chiller one by one, complete the valve replacement, defrost the pipe freeze and move on to the next unit. During this process we were able to have three chiller units operating at all times, allowing the communication room’s optimal service temperature to be maintained throughout. In addition to this, the entire project was completed during normal business hours, which meant significant cost savings to the end client.


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