Case Studies / Testimonials


Project Description: An upgrade of the water treatment process required a valve to be inserted in a 200mm concrete lined pipe (MSCL). Our technicians froze the line inside the water supply tower to enable the valve insertion outside the tower. Using the Pipe freezing process prevented the need to drain down the 400,000 litre water tower and cut off the water supply for the township whilst this procedure took place.

“It was a quick and professional service that worked well. The tank remained connected to supply throughout with no inconvenience to our customers. Given an interruption was not required, there was no wastage of water and it saved time and costs by eliminating the effort that would be needed to drain and refill the tank, seek authorisation from relevant government authorities for the discharge of water and notify our customers beforehand”.

~ W.V (BILL) QUIRKE SA Water Capital Works Manager South East Region


Project Description: Grenfell Centre Level 14

Project Description: A total replacement of the air conditioning housed in the 14th floor plant-room of this multistorey office building required the freezing of 2 x 250mm pipes to allow the insertion of valves on the line.

“Given the nature of the air conditioning upgrade, we were not in a position to shutdown the condenser water system which supplied “critical” area’s such as COMMS rooms. Therefore we decided after much discussion and investigation of possible alternatives, that “freezing” would be the most cost effective and convenient option to use. The work was carried out professionally, in a timely manner and most importantly without any interruption to our clients operation.”.

~ Michael Ortuso Project Manager HADEN

Adelaide International Airport expansion

Project Description: Shield fire services were installing the fire protection for a new multi -story car park. In order to do this they needed to cut into the existing 200mm(MSCL) concrete lined pipe in order to “T” off to the new pipework, this required two freezes simultaneously to be performed less than 1500mm apart in a trench two metres deep.

“We have used the services of Pipefreezer on many occasions. This project required a cut in to a live line that serviced the fire requirements of the Airport, the existing isolation points were over two kilometres apart requiring a significant drain down and disposal of the water in the pipeline as the area we were working in was the lowest part of the infrastructure. Pipefreezing and using Richards service was the fastest most cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative, the project went well and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services nor using them again when the need arises.”.

~ Adam West Project Manager Shield Fire Systems

Women’s and Children’s Hospital Adelaide

Project Description: The Women’s and Children’s Hospital were building three new ward rooms to house highly infectious patients. They needed to isolate the air conditioning chilled water risers to cut into the pipe connecting new pipework into these wards, which enabled an independent and isolated air conditioning supply. This required 8 x 125mm freezes on two levels of the hospital.

“We have used the services of Richard and his team on numerous occasions, but this was a unique situation. The pipefreezers established these freezes on multiple levels of the Hospital enabling the cut ins with minimal disruption to the fully functioning wards around them. We also had operating theatres functioning directly below the work area, again with no disruption to Hospital services. A drain-down of the system was simply not an option. Overall a very professional service that allowed the hospital to function as normal but still get the job done”.

~ David Harkin Women’s and Children’s Hospital Engineering & Building Services Project Officer