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Mission Statement

Our mission at Pipefreezer is to provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly method of pipe isolation on projects requiring pipe modification, pipeline maintenance or pipe repairs.

We add value for our customers by understanding your needs. We deliver quality, technical innovation, and a responsive service.

By partnering with you on your fluid isolation project, we significantly minimise system downtime and consequently reduce the impact of any pipe repairs or pipeline maintenance. One of the key benefits we can bring to the table is allowing your plant and equipment to continue normal operations with minimal disruption.

We act with honesty and integrity in all our client dealings with the aim of fostering and maintaining long-term business relationships.


Corporate Goals

Pipefreezer’s passion is to provide a superior, value-add service to our clients in the HVAC, plumbing, fire services and building management industries by offering cost-effective and first-rate solutions to costly and time consuming system drain downs.

We promise to keep our impact on the environment at a minimum and we always put safety first in all of our practices.

Our processes and procedures are innovative, well planned and client focused – designed to create value through saving time and resources.

People and communication are at the forefront of our delivery promises. Our communications, business decisions and practices are based on ethical, highly sustainable core values.


Corporate Profile

Our name, Pipefreezer (formerly Penguin Freeze), was established in South Australia in 2009. Alongside our technology partner Bondi Freeze from Sydney, we have over 50 years of combined experience and have completed in excess of 250,000 freezes. Pipefreezer Victoria launched in 2015, now enabling us to provide 24/7 service in Victoria, South Australia, ACT and New South Wales. We bring with us an enviable reputation for delivering cost saving solutions, allowing our clients to leverage off our core capabilities in fluid isolation so that clients can complete their pipeline maintenance projects on time and on budget.

We use a collaborative approach to our work. By understanding the project requirements and through building strong relationships built on mutual respect and professionalism, our track record is one of exceptional project delivery.



The Pipefreezer Group is located in the capital cities of Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney, with our head office operating out of Goodwood, South Australia.  With our multiple locations throughout Australia we have the flexibility to deliver our services nationally and within contracted service level agreements, which in most cases, is within 24 hours. Our technicians can also be deployed to any location within Australasia (New Zealand and Papua New Guinea included) to meet your fluid isolation project needs.

We offer same day service in South Australia, Victoria, ACT and New South Wales. Other states and locations with larger project requirements can be arranged in advance to meet your specific needs.