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Hot tapping under pressure pipesHot Tapping

When pipe freezing isn't the best solution due to non-static fluids, high temperatures or other specific job requirements, Pipefreezer offers clients an ‘under pressure drilling’, or 'hot tapping' service through our technology partner based in Melbourne.

Hot tapping works by providing a branch connection to a live pipe in constant operation where the consequences of a shutdown would not be practicable. This method uses a short section of pipe, to which an isolating valve is either welded or fitted mechanically. After fitting – and with the valve in the open position – the pipe is drilled to the maximum permissible size through the valve to establish a hot tap connection. On completion of the drilling operation the valve is closed, and the drilling equipment removed.

A comprehensive range of hot tapping services and hot tap optional fittings are available for your project, including corporation cocks, ferrules, sample points and other various types of valves suited to hot tapping.

The hot tapping process can be completed without pipe leakage or loss of flow to the system and can be used on almost any type of pipe carrying liquids at high temperatures and under pressure. When pipe freezing doesn’t suit, hot tapping is the next best thing.

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