Pipe freezing & the fire services industry

Cover all bases with our pipe freezing method and choose not to leave occupants and assets unprotected in the event of a fire.

Don’t risk the safety of the occupants in your premises by draining down the system to make pipeline modifications. Although unlikely, if the fire system is triggered, your building is not protected! With pipe freezing, we only create a fluid isolation in the immediate area needing pipeline or plumbing maintenance – leaving the rest of the system in tact and able to fight a fire if required.


The situation

An extension to a potato chip manufacturing plant needed pipes diverted to allow for new construction.

The problem

The client needed a cost-effective solution that could be completed during normal business hours.

Our collaborative pipe freeze solution

Together with the client, we devised a plan with a freeze plug location that would enable the work to be done without draining down the system or completing works outside the normal business hours. We were able to keep the system functioning and keep the staff and building infrastructure protected at all times. By allowing the plant to continue operation there was zero downtime to complete the pipeline modification.


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